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HBF offers SMART-INCOME, SAFE and SECURED! Yes, your idle cash sitting in CDs can earn 7% to 11% with payments distributed monthly. Larger returns can earn up to 33% with participation in well managed investment/developments.

Here are just two Smart-IncomeTM programs that consistently pay high returns, year in and year out.

#1.  FLC— First Lien Commercial offers investment income secured by First-Position Liens on strong commercial properties at very low Loan To Value ratios. Our Hedge Fund further protects you by taking a SECOND position behind your first lien… and guarantees your monthly payments!

FLC example. Very Conservative 6%… An office building in a major city:

Appraised value $4,000,000
First Lien position: $1,350,000 (Your portion = $50k.)
Second position lien: $150,000 (Fund invests it’s own money behind yours.)
Loan-to-Value = 34% LTV (Almost always under 50%. Never over 55%.)
Term: 12 months
Example client invests: $50,000
Interest rate: 6% (Conservative. Often times more than 6%.)
Monthly payment to client = $250.00
Total interest paid for the year = 6% = $3,000 

Your $50k is returned or can be reinvested into another deal. Your choice.

#2.  CEP— Corporate Expansion Product invests in strong businesses with strong corporate balance sheets. These thriving companies are borrowing money to expand and grow. These longer term investments pay between 9% to 18%+ annually.

These secured investments offer a return of principal at the end of the term or * you can select to roll it into another investment of your choice and do it again. Your choice!

Individuals and businesses can invest $25,000 to $1,000,000

FLC and CEP are NOT baskets of properties or business opportunities!  You select the investments you like most and receive the executive summaries, proforma and investment documents before investing a penny.  In all cases, your investment is secured by real estate assets and the hedge fund invests its own dollars right along with you and guarantees your monthly payments.

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Smart IncomeTM is division of and the High Bridge Financial Company.